Return Policy

Our goal is to make an exchange or refund as fair and easy as possible. Should you find it necessary to return any of the merchandise you ordered, please read and follow the information below:

  • New and unopened merchandise may be returned within 30 days from the billing date on your invoice for an exchange or refund of the merchandise cost only.
  • A 10% restocking fee will be added on items returned from invoices beyond our 30 day return policy. Items cannot be credited that were purchased over one year ago or that are no longer current stock. An invoice copy must accompany your return.
  • Shipping and processing costs and out of print products are excluded from credit.
  • Do not enclose any form of payment with your return.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for return processing and credit to show on your account.
  • Exchanges will be processed as a new order.

Use this form with your return.


  • Indicate your “Reason for Return.”
  • Fill in the “Account Information” box.
  • Include a copy of the invoice for full credit of your
    returned product.
  • Wrap merchandise securely (bubble wrap envelope preferred).
  • Insure your merchandise. Refunds will not be made
    on items that are damaged or lost in the process of
    being returned.

This form must accompany your return for credit.