A SMARTBOOK featuring a collection of animated scribes, three inspirational essays: ThePattern -patterns of creation, Breakaway Literacy -human language, LifePlanning -a faith-based exploration of life-planning – an ingenious reinvention of the book. (Includes the bonus, LifePlanning Journal ) Scribes provide a dazzling viewing angle on three rarely visited subjects. Visual metaphor and narration, read by the author, combine to create a compelling visit to the mysteries of patterns, human language, and how we build a life.

Published individually as iBooks, Scribe-Geezer is the first time all three “curious” essays have been combined under one cover.

About the Author
Contributor’s Biography: Mr. Wray is a writer-researcher interested in media technology, language, and the printed word.
Contributor’s Prior Work: The Adventures of TBUG & Sasquatch, The Battle of the Alamo, Blood Toys, Raising the Dead
Contributor’s Affiliations: Christianity

Sample Scribe – What Do You Say To a Fish?

“Fantastic book. Insightful Christian themes, seldom discussed, but powerfully presented. The book goes to a lot of unexpected places. For instance, I’d never thought about Jesus as a baby, and how aware he might have been in the manger. I’ll never read the Christmas account again without thinking about baby Jesus thinking: ‘Cue the shepherds.’

“I agree the book is groundbreaking. The content is sophisticated, but approachable and not just as courseware for young adults. The folks who taught the book to the college class were as spell-bound as the people they were teaching. We heard a lot of laughing in class. If that means anything.”

“Scribe-geezer is unexpected, I’ll give you that. Took a bit of time to adjust to the multiple media-types. Definitely NOT your father’s paperback, but it’s probably the future of books.”

“Wow. It was “a trip to a land I did not know.” Here’s what I figured out. First, you watch the animations on the tablet (or phone). Then read. And if you’re bent accordingly, watch, read, and listen, all at once. Whatever. When it finally comes together in your head, it’s big. Christianity, powerfully sorted.”

Scribe – Animated ideogram
Patterns are what being human is all about
nature of reality, narrative patterns, origins and destinies

There’s a grand order to the universe. Patterns of species. Geology. Astronomy. Physiology. The cosmos. Patterns define our reality and light the magnitudes of spiritual reality. This is a big deal. Perceiving patterns is what being human is all about. ThePattern.

Language Revolution
exploring context records, multi-threaded narrative and active listening

Language is as near to us as our name, but totally mysterious and unknown. What provokes the urge to say something? Why do we speak in a prescribed order with inflection and gesture? The subject of language is as grand as it gets, and our ultimate human tool. Breakaway Literacy.

Recipe for duplexed-narrative

How do we plan for the future when no one knows the future? As we age, our interests change, our understanding, refines. How to we stake out a life-goal given all these unknowns? Setting a course requires a keen act of bravery. LifePlanning.