A strange reality. Human history is nearing the end. These videos offer a possible explanation for what you’ve just experienced. In summary, here’s the most important takeaway: The prophecy of the Rapture is a longstanding event described in the Bible. There’s never been a set-date, only Christ’s words that “when you see these things taking place, look up: your redeemer draws near.” (Luke 21:28, Bible)

The prospect of nuclear disaster may have been the trigger that launched this long-anticipated event. Vast portions of the population disappeared. Some by nuclear annihilation, but many others by Godly appointment.

Jesus Christ rescued His church, described as His Bride in Holy Scripture. It’s time for you to choose the promise of the Rapture for yourself. it’s not too late. Pursue a new life in Jesus Christ. Confess your sins. Acknowledge Him as your Savior and ask for forgiveness.

Many died in a nuclear conflagration, which was not God’s will for humanity. His will has always been that all should be saved (1 Timothy 2:4, Bible).

Humanity chose a path of annihilation.

While there is still time on the clock, embrace your eternity, embrace the cross.

God has not abandoned you. PERSIST.

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