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Blood Toys

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Inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial?

Firefly, a brain-reader?

The legendary Coler Generator?

Firefly launch platform?


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Delve into the newest Motionbook titles and then check out the Author posts. SMARTBOOKS are great fun and good reads.more about:Blood Toysscribe...


A SMARTBOOK featuring a collection of animated scribes, three inspirational essays: ThePattern -patterns of creation, Breakaway Literacy -human...

Surviving the Rapture

A strange reality. Human history is nearing the end. These videos offer a possible explanation for what you’ve just experienced. In summary...

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Please note. The Adventures of TBUG & Sasquatch is ONLY available in paperback. The QR-Code audiobook link is included to facilitate young...

The Adventures of TBUG & Sasquatch is a reader for young students. Designed for use by home and public educators, the book contains text-based...


AUTHOR – Floyd Wray

A self-described “media migrant,” Floyd Wray has written for television and film. As a contributor to technical journals and magazines, he has also...